6 Fantastic Episodes of The X Files

If you’ve been an ardent fan of The X Files, you’ll never forget the television series. You might still remember some of its episodes. This Emmy-winning series follows the lives of two FBI agents. One is Fox Mulder, who believes in the existence of the paranormal and aliens. The other agent is Dana Scully, a skeptical medical professional whose job is to debunk his findings.

Together, they investigate the government conspiracies that are paranormal in nature. Here we’ve listed the most fantastic episodes of this hit television series. So, let’s check them out without further ado:

1. Memento Mori

This was episode 14 in the 4th season of The X-Files. It was a truly emotional episode. The audience had to watch agent Scully being diagnosed with cancer. In such troubled times, she and her partner were searching for their own answers. Mulder tries desperately to find a cure for her cancer. This is when you get to see how much he cares for her. This is a heart-breaking episode, which led to Gillian winning her Emmy award.

2. Triangle

Mulder is transported back in time in this 3rd episode of the 6th season. He’s in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle and the year is 1939. This episode is fun to watch as it shows Mulder’s trip to the past. Scully searches for him in the modern era. The two events happen simultaneously. In this episode, Mulder admits his love for Scully and it also has their first kiss.

3. Bad Blood

Most of the fans of The X-Files will probably vote this as their favorite episode. This was episode 12 of the 5th season. Each of the partners retell their investigation of the case of a vampire. This is about the claims that a vampire is stalking a small town in Texas. As the partners narrate this to their boss, their interpretations are vastly different.

4. Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose

Peter Boyle played the character of Clyde Bruckman, a cynical psychic in this episode. Mulder and Scully enlist him to help them in solving a series of murders. This was the 4th episode in the 3rd season. It led to an Emmy win for Peter Boyle and Darin Morgan.

Many regard this episode as one of the best in the history of television. It explores the complicated idea of life and death. It had moments that were funny, heart-warming, and thought-provoking.

5. Jose Chung’s From Outer Space

A teenaged couple claim that they have been abducted by aliens. The famed author Jose Chung interviews Scully about the case after this claim. He is doing research for a book that he’s writing about extraterrestrial life and UFOs. This was the 20th episode of the 3rd season. It takes a satirical look at itself and the genre of science fiction, which is quite strange. This episode showcased the writing team’s skills in comedy.

6. The Post-Modern Prometheus

The agents investigate a mysterious creature in the 5th episode of the 5th season. This creature was seen by the locals of a small town. The episode was somewhere between reality and fantasy and mixed the classic monster tale with the series’ quirky nature. It was Chris Carter’s vision of a story inspired by Frankenstein. What made this episode even more memorable was Cher’s music.

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